Thursday, December 13, 2018

Perry Roberts

Another peek into the Kennedy book.

This scene, masterfully illustrated by
Fred Sodt, takes place when Avery brings
a book to the town poet, Perry Roberts.
The inspiration for Perry Roberts is a
combination of 2 WWU instructors of
much renown, Robert Huff and Perry Mills.

Perry Mills used to visit me in the library
for blistering conversation! Poet Robert Huff
you'll be hearing more about soon.
I also included Perry Roberts in my gigantic
short story collection The Sylvan Moore Show
as star of the story "Black Space Orbit."
That's a fun book you would enjoy too.

Here is the excerpt where Avery meets Perry:

    The owl eyes were on him again. "I don't
suppose you've ever been in here before. What
do you think of this place?"
    Avery gave another look around the room.
"It looks like somewhere a moth would go
during the day."

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