Wednesday, December 31, 2014

other patches of the sky

(Here's a 1994 era short story from PIE IN THE SKY #77):


She lay on her back, to point a camera at the sky. 
Through the lens, all the clouds in the blue paddled by. 
While she waited for the moment to arrive…
When a bird flew across the glass, she would capture it 
in a photograph. She would take it home inside the camera 
and in the red lights of the darkroom, she would release it 
to the world again. Swirled in the water and chemicals, 
the bird would reemerge slowly. Dripping, becoming real, 
then pinned to dry on a singing rope with other patches 
of the sky.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

pie in the skies

With time off from work, I've been going through
my old magazine PIE IN THE SKY:
Some of the stories and poems from
the many issues have reappeared in my
published books.
This next year I plan on publishing
a new book of short stories.
The majority will be seen by you for the
first time, but I've also been polishing up
some of the old PIE classics.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

hope book

I've been enjoying the new Bob Hope
biography by Richard Zoglin.
Way back when my daughter was born
I wrote to Bob and told him the news
and he sent her a signed photo.


I'm just about finished reading
translated by Red Pine. This is such a great
book, I highly recommend. Stonehouse
is my new favorite poet. What a relief to
read on the bus and at work whenever
I get a chance to read.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

bellingham poems

If you live in Bellingham or own a pegasus
I recommend you go to Village Books for
the reading of this new book Bellingham Poems.
The authors of this great collection, Tim Pilgrim,
Paul Piper and Chuck Luckmann, will be there
this Sunday at 4 PM. Now that I've read
the book, I can't wait to hear them.