Friday, May 24, 2019


Just sent the new Good Deed Rain book
FLORIDA off to the printer. It's 224 pages.
Beautiful cover by Hanah Lee. Stories &
3 cartoons, sunshine and inspiration.
Publishing date is June 17. Hope you all
are excited to read it. 

another star

Another star of the new book on the way soon:

Some Other World


Alexander Graham Bell carried his invention

with him wherever he went. And he made a

grand point of stopping on the boulevard every

so often to talk into it. His loud words would

trail off in crowds, into served meals getting

cold; his laugh would bray as he carried on

with his monologue. He seemed oblivious to

the glances around him as if he was half mad,

in contact with some other world.

The Upside-Down Cloud

Another excerpt from the next Good Deed Rain
book. Stories written in Florida and inspired by
the sun.


Sitting in the blue sky, it just turned over. All

the pots and pans rattled down, all the loose

change and cushions off chairs. With everything

in a jumble, it floats like a whale, silent

until it rolls again.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Richard Is Gone

Getting close to publishing my 34th book.
Here's another excerpt from that:

Richard Is Gone

Richard is gone today, or so he says, off by

bus. The Greyhound will make eleven stops,

36 hours on the road before he gets out onto

that pebbled cement in that California air. It’s

different there. The sunlight is like a sort of

golden paint and through all the traffic you can

still smell the eucalyptus and the flowers and

maybe even see orange and avocado trees. I sit

here and think of it, and I can feel it. That’s the

power of the dream calling me.

Friday, May 10, 2019

New Contents

This is the first Contents page for the next book,
to be published in June. This is a book about

Monday, May 6, 2019

Book 34 on the way...

Getting ready to publish Book #34.
It's going to be a beauty, stay tuned!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

movie time

Our son is getting to be a real movie fan
(especially the Classics: Kurosawa, Fellini,
up to Wenders and current Korean films).
Reminds me of old high school days going
to the Neptune every week. But he's had to
call me out twice recently over my movies:

1) The Good Humor Man (1950) when the star
Biff Jones stomps around the house in drag,
half covered in chimney soot, half covered in
2) Laurel & Hardy A Haunting We Will Go (1942).
Ollie in outlandish Arabian Nights costume is
calling for Stan when a big egg rolls onto stage.
As the egg cracks open, there's Stanley two feet tall.