Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #5

The 5th book published by Good Deed Rain
in 2018 is Almost Animals. 20 stories
featuring an animal.
Here are 2 excerpts from this book,
"On a Country Road" & "The Voice of
America Bird" :


An old pickup belongs on the farm, parked
in the folded grass of a driveway or making
passage between the rows of corn on a country
road. An engine loud as black coffee and every
ripple on the road makes the seat squeak like a
nest of tin birds. We spot the weasel just ahead,
running right beside the tar, its body hunched
almost rolling, like a half-inflated inner tube.
It's going quick, but as we pass, we see it turn
its head to glare. Caught in its mouth is a burly
field mouse and what a sudden, fierce look that
weasel gives us, startling and sharp as a wound,
just before it cuts into the crop it knows by


It was supposed to be a sort of weapon,
aiming for those antennas on the other side of
the border. What would happen if they heard
the Duke Ellington Orchestra or Elvis Presley
sing? What happens when Nina Simone puts
on her wings, when she flies over fences, landmines,
cement and soldiers and finds someone
like you?

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