Thursday, December 6, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #2

Homeless Sutra, the second book Good Deed Rain
published in 2018, was written in the winter through
to early summer, while I was working on Clyde's
tribute book, Go with the Flow.

Four adventures (Homeless Sutra, Mountain Temple,
Instant Crow, Simple Minded Sunshine) featuring
the return of Sylvan Moore, a flying monk, a water
salesman, and a guardian rabbit.

Rivers, snow and rainwater flow without a home.
This is an excerpt from the book:

   Halfway to the top of the stairway, I stopped.
The wood was wet and shined and I put my hand
on the damp rail and turned. The town below had
become miniature, dark trees grown among gray
roads, while chimneys steamed in the air.
   I could open my book and pick out a waterfall.
I could lean over the railing and place it among
the fiddleheads. This could be the first note of an

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