Tuesday, December 11, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #6

The 6th Good Deed Rain book published
in 2018 is The Robotic Age.
This is a wild ride featuring a magician,
The Great Marconi, and Cronco the robot
who spend the novel searching for three
shipwrecked ghosts. This was really fun to
write and a very entertaining read for you,
with amazing illustrations throughout by
Aaron Gunderson. You'll love it!

This is an excerpt:

77) At the Edge of a Pond

   Behind the Eleanor Rigby was a brick
courtyard with planted trees and flowerbeds
and benches. The birds of the neighborhood
came and went.
   Cronco stopped at the edge of a pond.
The murky water reminded him of the Polly
Ann's resting place. He thought of all those
fishing boats tipped and broken at the bottom
of the sea. Did they all have ghosts? Were
there more, sending SOS on the airwaves?
Cronco sighed. He was tired after two ghosts.
And somewhere there was still a third ghost
out there.
   A bright koi broke the surface like a yellow

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