Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #3

The Lake Walker is the 3rd book Good Deed Rain
published in 2018. This novel takes place around
the banks of our very own Bellingham attraction,
Lake Padden. Rudolph has been given a mysterious
task by an old man who melted into a tree.
How will he spend his days and nights,
walking around (and across) the lake?
The adventure awaits you!

Here is an excerpt:

Almost like some electrical thing, the lake was
shutting down for the night. People were going
back to cars or riding bicycles home. A
yellow gate would be locked and the parking lot
would be empty. Then it would only be moonlight,
dark trees and the black bowl of water...but not for
Rudolph. Around him, like the lights of a city,
there were little blue glows and the deep lake was
a window to more.

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