Friday, February 21, 2020


This is a sneak preview of the
forthcoming Good Deed Rain book.
(Just have to finish the cover). This
is the spread of pages 106-7:

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Esther Williams

Here's something that will be appearing in the next,
new Good Deed Rain book. Due next month:

She lives in a fish tank. You may see her walking around everyday sights, working in an office, dining at the Casa Cugat club, dancing or driving a convertible, but sooner or later a mermaid always returns to the water. Her time below the waves is different than the life above, she has talents all her own, and we can only stay in the air and watch.

J. Genius Review

Sent J. Genius a copy of Imaginary Someone
(a book he also features in!) and he wrote back:

"I received your book in the mail yesterday, and
was able to read some of it before bed. It was
actually quite difficult to read, as the emotions
conveyed by such honest, accurate renderings
of childhood--that golden, good and pure
perception that is irrevocably quashed by
schooling and society--was overwhelming.
I had to take it in little pieces, page by page.
You wrote it so genuinely that it transports
the reader to those days when the little soul
burned so bright. What a rare gift to be able
to remember it so well."

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Rereading Philip K. Dick's
The Transmigration of Timothy
Archer. Been many years since
I read it. I'm always in awe of him.
He saw the future coming:
"It is like information theory; it is
noise driving out signal. But it is
noise posing as signal so you do not
even recognize it as noise. The
intelligence agencies call it disinformation,
something the Soviet Bloc relies on
heavily. If you can float enough
disinformation into circulation, you
will totally abolish everyone's contact
with reality, probably your own
included." 2020 America.

Monday, February 3, 2020

birthday kool-aid

Just met Jake in the park for our annual
Richard Brautigan birthday celebration.
We had Kool-Aid in paper cups and
talked about So the Wind Won't Blow It
All Away, and other RB stories we love.