Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #7

Kennedy is the 7th book published in 2018
by Good Deed Rain. This is a sequel to 2015's
novel Roosevelt. Well, in another America these
two books would be quite the pair, in libraries
and bookshelves from coast to coast. But alas,
they haven't been discovered yet. Wonder when
that will happen? (All these wondrous books from
Good Deed Rain wonder that). This book takes
place 20 years after Roosevelt. It's set here in
rainy Bellingham, 1962, when this town had
little farms. It follows Avery's adventures going
to school and getting in trouble, during a couple
weeks in those mythic Kennedy times. It's one of
my favorite books that I've written. (But I guess
they all are). It's beautifully illustrated throughout
by Fred Sodt who also illustrated the prequel.
I'm telling you, magical books like these don't
grow on trees.

There are so many things I could excerpt, but
here's a little passage that goes with Fred's

Avery looked away as they passed. He was careful
not to step on her shadow, taking an extra step that
he needed not to fall and he was almost floating.
He felt he was walking on air: if his feet weren't
plugged into his white sneakers he would have
been drifting off into the branches, spinning away
like a dandelion seed.

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