Friday, December 14, 2018

2018 Good Deed Rain books #9

Good Deed Rain's 9th book published in 2018
is a wild collection of essays (and 2 plays),
Elbows & Knees. Here's your chance to read
up on beatniks & B-movies, beauties & beasts,
artists & ostriches. And more! I don't know if
there's another essay book like this around;
it would make a fun read by the winter fire.

Here's an excerpt from "The W. Lee Wilder from

Burning oil fields, trailing a disturbance. Theremin,
cigarettes, coffee. A crazy reporter with a pipe and
a photo of the moon: "If you want to know how
things turned out, read the Chronicle in the morning."
Chased around pallets, catwalks, hunted by Geiger
counter, The Phantom finally removes its helmet and
suit, escaping invisibly. It may be free, but it is trapped
in the Griffith Institute labyrinth without its radioactive,
magnetic, indestructible suit and its breathing apparatus
helmet. The Phantom's one chance for survival in a
strange land comes when it tries vainly to communicate
with a human named Barbara.

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