Saturday, March 30, 2019

4 New Books March

As promised, Good Deed Rain has published
4 books in March: Walt Amherst Is Awake,
When You Smile You Let In Light, Pinocchio
In America, Taking Her Sides on Immortality.
They're all great and wildly different and
inspiring Spring Reads. Available now at your
local bookshop on the corner...or rather Amazon.
Hope you get a chance to read them! There are
currently 4 more books on the assembly line,
so stay tuned loyal readers! Bon voyage.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Words for Robert Huff

Here are some things other authors you may know
wrote about Robert Huff. And the beautiful cover

“What I find most striking and valuable about Robert
Huff’s new poems is the drama and immediacy of
their tone. Watch the complex way Huff makes beauty
 and goodness something to be angry about—and anger
something to laugh at—so that, at the end of all this
mixed emotion, beauty and goodness are more powerful
and vivid than they could ever have been if no one got
excited... about them. Huff’s dramatic monologues have
a force reminiscent of Shakespeare’s; like Shakespeare’s,
they are dense, intense, and urgent. These are vivid,
lively human voices which address us from a heart that
is vital and involved. The heart’s mood shifts, and shifts
 again, and gathers energy from every shift, so that those
brilliant Huff last lines have the force of bombs.”
—Annie Dillard, author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

“These late poems recover for us, and—each time I
read them—perform anew the complexity of my
belov├ęd first teacher. Brilliant, wounded, tough,
generous, determined to see clearly, that man and
these poems are necessary to my own sense of the
“moral to [our] quaint story. It is threefold: Happiness
is love. Love is taking care of what is. The world must
not be hateful.”
—Scott Cairns, author of Slow Pilgrim: The Collected

"The best of his poetry speaks to us, our time and
our situation, person by person. He makes poetry a
form of friendship and reminds us what it is to be
cherished in our ice age...He is what the good poet
is today, hard, honest, warm, hurt, with his teeth on
edge. More power to him."
—Karl Shapiro, author of V-Letter and Other Poems

"...the language exploding into articulation as if to say,
'And I only am escaped alone to tell thee.'"
—Anthony Hecht, author of The Hard Hours

"I like Robert Huff's verse. I find it fresh and vigorous
and human and it smells of the earth of America and its
vivid history."
—Sean O'Faolain, author of The Talking Trees

"When I first read a few poems by Robert Huff
I was startled by their bounce, their comedy, their
depth of feeling—by their general artistic authority."
—James Wright, author of The Branch Will Not Break

"The most underrated poet in America."
—James Whitehead, author of Near at Hand

"He has the sinew, sound effects, and rhythm of a real poet."
—Robert Lowell, author of Life Studies


This is the back cover of Taking Her
Sides on Immortality featuring photo of
Robert Huff. (Thanks Ursula!) Thank you
also to Fred Sodt for the cover design.
And thanks to Sam Green who wrote
the moving introduction to this book.


And now...the 4th book to be published by
Good Deed Rain this month. Taking Her Sides
on Immortality is the long awaited new poetry
collection by Robert Huff. Robert Huff's poetry
appeared in national magazines and anthologies
since his early poems were printed in Harpers
and Atlantic in 1947. Robert Huff was an instructor
at Western Washington University and a renowned
poet of 4 books during his lifetime. Good Deed Rain
is honored to present this, his final, previously
unpublished manuscript. This book is amazing.
The beautiful cover painting is by his daughter,
Ursula McCabe.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


This is the back cover for Pinocchio in
America. I took these photos in Lynden,
just north of Bellingham 4 years ago.
This alley behind Front Street was the
inspiration for the novel. I imagined
a one-wheeled velocipede driving out
of there and going to Geppetto Auto
Repair. This was such a fun book to
write. I hope you get a chance to read


Pinocchio in America is my 33rd book, to be
published at end of this month. After 82 years
buried underground, Pinocchio returns to life
behind a car repair shop in America.
This is the front cover:

Saturday, March 2, 2019

story from a 1989 park

This excerpt appears in the NYC journal
section of When You Smile You Let in Light.
It was written Exactly 30 years ago while
I was on break from my factory temp job.
I still remember the sunlight that day.

In Central Park today, escaping from the office

for the green wind of park statues and pigeons,

I was eating a cheese sandwich under the singing

trees and I heard a cry for help. When I got up

to investigate, the voice seemed further away,

like leaving, so I almost tripped over him

in my hurry. When I discovered him he was

the size of a cola bottle. He was shrinking away

fast, yelling out little lungs. There was nothing

I could do (thinking maybe I could cup my

hands about him like a carbonated matchstick)

but I could only watch him shrink into a cigarette

signature and blow away like the smallest

wind-up biplane toy.

When You Smile Back

This is the back cover for When You Smile
You Let In Light. Cover illustration by the
very talented Casper Truong.


When You Smile You Let In Light
is the second book from Good Deed
Rain that will be published this month.
It's an atomic love story set in New York
City. This is the second novel I wrote,
started when I was in college and finished
in the Big Apple. This book also includes
the thrilling journal I kept in NYC.
Beautiful cover illustrations by art student
Casper Truong.

Friday, March 1, 2019


Here's the cover spread for WALT
AMHERST IS AWAKE. It's the true
story of an office worker's dreamlife.
If you like jungles, singing cowboys,
and heroic gorillas, this is your cup of


Good Deed Rain is publishing 4 books
in March. This is the first of them: WALT
AMHERST IS AWAKE. It's beautifully
illustrated throughout by Aaron Gunderson
who has also illustrated the previous classics:
The Book Of Ticks, A Hundred Dreams Ago,
and The Robotic Age. Feast your eyes upon
the latest adventure!