Friday, March 16, 2012

a week of rain

The Wonderful Wednesday

That’s Thursday For You

Fly Away Friday

Saturday Submarine

Sunday Morning Radio

Monday Turned Green With Scales and Wings

Finding Sun Above Tuesday

Wednesday Again

The Wonderful Wednesday

I woke up to the little bird who lives

in the coffee can beside my bed.

After I stood in warm water

washing off good dreams

I made a breakfast from

the spaghetti we ate last night.

That’s Thursday For You

You’ve got to be very quiet

step on no twigs looking for them.

Somewhere there are sand dollars

hiding in this morning.

I myself was reading a book

and forgot to look.

Fly Away Friday

With feet of sparkling flying fish

see how they move her and hover

at puddles in the rain. It’s obvious

there’s no need to ask how she

floats on the air.

Saturday Submarine

Oh, that’s not rain

there’s a watering can

above the house.

Come outside, look

you can see the tree is

holding the handle.

Sunday Morning Radio

Featuring the chickadees

the pat of rain on leaves

and below are soft footsteps

my boots in mud

Monday Turned Green

With Scales and Wings

All night the dragon

flapped up and down

the street, perching on

a rooftop now and then

to blast out wind while

every fang toothed fir tree

snaps at the sky

Finding Sun Above Tuesday

By now we’re used to it

We live in it like goldfish

When I go to work at dawn

I use the rain as stairs

walking up them through doors

down hallways and up more stairs

and someday I’ll just keep going

Wednesday Again

A week of rain

the ground as soft as

clouds to walk upon

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