Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Couple Life Movies

A Couple Hundred Years Ago

Our first failed Capitalist venture occurred one summer night

when we went to the parking lot of the Shop N Save

and tried to sell bright red t-shirts with smiling devil faces.

Goat-headed, the evil one leered at the shoppers

as they pushed their carts full of groceries back to cars.

A couple hundred years ago they would have burned us

at the stake, but now they ignored us and kept us

trying to laugh, always on the edge of giving up.

Life Is a Movie Always

Waiting to Come True

Like something I would do, my friend

fell in love with the deaf girl who bagged groceries

at Shop N Save. He kept trying to tell her in words

what she couldn’t hear, and finally he decided to

write her a note. He bought some cheap cans

of chili and green beans and when she paused

to put them in paper, he passed her the letter.

Of course she was scared by what he spelled

the sudden words dropped out of the blue.

Who wouldn’t be taken aback and need time

to figure out the mystery of you?

He had to go hide under the trees

the branches tied to the ceiling in his room

pale and sad with broken heart records hurting

when you take everything to heart and believe

life is a movie always waiting to come true

These two stories appear in my
second book Bowl of Water
(Bottom Dog Press, 2004)
They feature my friend who also
stars in 'The Jellyfish Movie'
(see two posts ago)

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