Sunday, March 8, 2015

praise for ROOSEVELT

Praise for ROOSEVELT from poet and publisher, Larry Smith:

"This is a lovely book both for its gently weaving story of
a young boy and a lost elephant, and for the fine drawings
of Fred Sodt. It moves like a real dream in a setting in time
and place...Bellingham, Washington at mid-20th century.
Allen Frost is an accomplished poet and fiction writer,
and he finds a home for his gifts in this gentle tale.
It's a feat of magic to write for both youth and adults,
one he may have learned from keeping a youthful spirit
alive, one he have have fed from knowing the spirit of
his own children. We can be thankful for it. This book
is a real delight delivered with care from an independent
small press, good deed rain."

This is the cover of one of  Larry Smith's many
wonderful books:

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