Friday, May 10, 2013

Mending a Passenger Pigeon

Today I mended this beautiful old book
about passenger pigeons in Ohio
by James Ralph Johnson

This is my Mending Mentor
Captain Mastor:

As you may recall
our Mendery was shut down last year
(see posting from December 6, 2011).
However, since then of course
many books have been piling up
needing repairs. 

So I'm back in there to help. 
This book needed a spine repair:

First I removed the torn spine

Then I cut some headbands
which the original book lacked.

Incidentally, way back when 
we 'overbought' our headband
and ended up with this huge 
cheese-wheel of headband.
Fortunately, I saved it from 
being discarded as it's 
something any Mendery uses

I weighted down the new spine
with these buckshot filled weights.

Here's how the new headband
blurrily looks.

Next I made the new spine. I could have 
gone with either green or gray booktape. 
I chose the gray.
(Once I memorably festooned a book
on American slavery in red white and blue
booktape, quite a patriotic sight.)

I glued down the old spine title.

And voila!

 The Passenger Pigeon returns to the flock!

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