Tuesday, May 7, 2013

another reading

Poet Paul Piper
organized this reading
happening next week. 


In case you missed this reading
this is what I said:

“This winter I was minding my own business 
putting together my next book of poetry, 
when I got shanghaied by a dead poet.

I didn’t know anything about Robert Huff at first.
I put aside my manuscript and became a detective.

There’s very little information on Robert Huff.
He taught poetry here at Western for 25 years 
from 1964-1990 and there are a lot of people 
who knew him. I spoke with friends of his
students, poets and artists and eventually I wrote 
a 40 page essay about Huff’s life here in Bellingham.

The irony is, although Huff found someone 
who could pick up on his psychic call to be 
remembered and written about, I have terrible luck 
getting my stories published in magazines.However, 
my essay on him can be seen in Special Collections.”

And this is what I read:
Robert Huff, “Rainbow”
My poems, “Bird Taxi” and “The Packard Hatchery”
Knute Skinner, “The Little Boat”
Robert Huff, “Morning”

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