Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More James Flora

We just read James Flora's book
Pishtosh, Bullwash & Wimple (1972)
(see blog entry from May 30, 2012)
This is from the book cover sleeve:

“Even as a small boy, James Flora drew pictures 
to amuse himself, and though he was born and 
raised on the small inland town of Bellefontaine, 
Ohio, he has always loved boats. It was this love 
that led him to make his home in Rowayton, 
Connecticut, where his own boat can ride at 
anchor just offshore. This move came only 
after years of study and work—in junior college, 
at an architectural school, and finally an art 
school. Then there was a period when the artist 
and a friend scraped together enough money to 
buy a hand press and a little type, and for four 
years they ran the Little Man’s Press in Cincinnati. 
After that Flora, a jazz enthusiast, became art 
director for Columbia records, with many of his 
own designs appearing on the albums. Later, he 
moved to Mexico with his growing family, and 
for a year and a half stayed there, painting, 
sketching, working with the local craftsmen 
and artists. Later still, Mr. Flora moved to 
Connecticut with his wife and five children, 
where he still lives and works as a free-lance 

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