Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Tin Can Telephone ring

Today is the official publication day
It's one of my favorite books, a
time travel trip back to being 10
in 1975 Seattle. When I was writing
it this past winter, all of a sudden
out of the blue my old friend James
contacted me. Must have been
something in the airwaves. He
plays a part in this book, although
I changed his name to Jesse. I sent
him a copy of the book and he told
me, "Yesterday I was walking with
my 10 year old and told her about
your book. It brings back a lot of
memories but most of all the
memories of the imagination."
I'm sharing page 50 of this little
novel, where we are going to see
a Disneyland Jules Verne movie.
Hope everyone gets a chance to
read this book! Thanks

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