Monday, May 18, 2020

2 Tin Can Reviews

Received 2 very nice reviews of
today. It's always great to hear
that people are reading these
books and enjoying them.

From poet Larry Smith:

I have been awakened by birds and sit here at the other end of a very long string stretching back 5 decades to a sensitive kid at the other end of a Tin Can Telephone. Somehow he's been able to transmit his keen drawings from that time of growing up in 1970s Seattle. Allen, the birds and your book are a blessing. 

From musician Rob Millis.
Really enjoyed Tin Can Telephone. And the drawings…With a lot of your writing you are becoming a fantastic documenter of Seattle…trying to return to that time, which you can’t. You sort of mention this in your book how we can all time travel if we need to—and you have that ability through writing or the Tin Can Telephone to go back in time and be with those memories. And your book makes it palpable to readers…and makes us think it’s possible for all of us to do that.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you get a chance to read this
and other Good Deed Rain books

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