Friday, June 23, 2023

Neptune's Chapters

Here are the chapter titles for NEPTUNALIA. Maybe they will reel you in...... The Times of Rome, The Neptune Theatre, Faith, Prayer, At the Center of a Wheel, Paperclip Hero, Ahead of the Future, The Flying Dog, The Athens Hotel, American Automaton, Poseidon Fish n Chips, The Fourth Floor, Disappearance, The Finder of Lost Souls, Intuition, The Next Picasso, The End of Neptunalia, Fifty Years, In the Morning, Contacting Other Worlds, Issues, The Counterfeit Reality Machine, Nick the Eel vs. The Tin Terror, A John Dillinger Movie, Only in Tokyo, The Nearest Rain, June on the Moon, The Fake, A Nite with Melvin Shore, For the Faithful, Aurora Bridge, Along the Voyage, Daydreaming, Living in Water, The Law of the Jungle, Balloon Animals, Greta Garbo, Servitude, Santa Monica, Neptune’s Warning, Whirlpool, In a Blue Rowboat, Miracle Water, Calypso

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