Friday, August 5, 2022

The Janitor's Girl

Here's a TRUE story. The other morning on the way to work I found five dollars under a willow tree. I put it in my pocket. I thought of it as a challenge to see what I could turn it into. It took a few days until I went to the bookstore. I was looking for a book they didn’t have, then I found THE JANITOR'S GIRL. I opened it and saw it cost four dollars. Could this be the reason for the mysterious $5? I didn’t get the book though. I left...I thought about it for a day. Not only that, I also did a little research—I looked online and saw a copy of it selling for $900! Rave reviews from readers! I couldn’t resist, I went back and bought it. I started reading it last night: “Would the girls in this new neighborhood really look down on her because Pop was the superintendent? Would they have parties and not invite her?”


  1. Ah, Frieda Friedman. A contemporary of Manfred Mann, no doubt.

  2. She was and is and always will be