Wednesday, December 23, 2020

BOOKS of 2020, #1

Hello there. Good news from Good Deed Rain! 2020 produced 7 new books for you. IMAGINARY SOMEONE, VIOLET OF THE SILENT MOVIES, THE TIN CAN TELEPHONE, HEAVEN CRAYON, OLD SALT, A FIELD OF CABBAGES, and RIVER ROAD. I’ve been trying to deliver the most beautiful books possible, each one different and also part of the same marveled world you’ve come to walk around in. The first book, published February 14, was IMAGINARY SOMEONE. I’ve always loved to read those memoirs specific to being a writer (like Stephen King’s ON WRITING for example). It’s not an easy road to be an author in today’s America, in fact it’s all imaginary. This book gives you a good glimpse into the obstacles and inspirations that created my life as a writer. It’s all worth it, I know there’s a garden here that readers in the future won’t believe.

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