Tuesday, August 4, 2020

she wrote island

I have to admit I am baffled and
intrigued by the TV show Murder,
She Wrote. I'm not sure I ever watched
a whole episode before, something
always drives me a bit crazy--like how
does she not realize everyone around
her is speaking in terribly fake Maine
accents?! On the other hand, what a
great idea! An acclaimed crime-solving
detective writing fiction in a town that
is by its very existence a work of fiction!
Yes, it's fascinating indeed. (And why
does Leslie Nielsen keep reappearing as
a different ship captain?) Anyway, I do
have to give Jessica Fletcher (and Vera
Stanhope, a very different TV detective)
much acclaim for inspiring my character
Shelby Wills who appears in my novel
Island Air. My detective travels by train
to different towns across America solving
local crimes. Solving? Actually she is
causing them! What a fun novel that was
to write. And Angela Lansbury would have
been perfect for the role!

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