Monday, July 6, 2020

more excitement

What a big relief to get Heaven Crayon
published! It's available for readers adrift
on Captain Nemo's submarine. To be
delivered by the nearest pelican.
Good Deed Rain has more excitement
planned too:
#1 A new novel (the sequel to The Robotic
Age) that is all done: I'm just waiting for
the illustrations.
#2 Another finished new novel that also
needs a few illustration. (If I have to I'll
do the drawings, but would prefer some
amazing artist out there).
#3 I'm in the midst of writing a "Scholastic
Books" type children's book (reminiscent
of The Lake Walker and Homeless Sutra).
This one sure if fun to write! A paperboy
ghost story. Each day is like a radio show
telling me what to write. Carry on!

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