Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Violet of the Silent Movies Contents

The printer has approved Violet of the Silent Movies.
She will be published April 2.
Here is the book contents page to entice you:

Violent of the Silent Movies
The Fate of James Dean
The Creature Walks Among Us
The House on Haunted Hill
Champion the Wonder Horse
The Trampoline Apology
Job Security
The Witch in the Garage
Jack Spicer’s Martian Radio
Just Like a Ghost
The Guitar of the Great Whackencracker
A Word
The Blackbird
13th & Failing
Buster Crabbe
Princess Condor
The Pied Piper Ice Cream Truck
Andrew the Birdhouse
Related to Roscoe
The Reunion
Places to Hide
A Taxi Song
The Second Time I Met Lee Van Cleef
A Factory on 32nd Street
Elvis 42
Turning to Water
Another Win for Seabiscuit
The Anti-Gravity Gravity Belt
Herman Snock Steals the Sun
The Buffalo Road
The Used Beluga
The Famous Last Words of a Dinosaur Trainer
Hedda Hopper
Movie Idea
Confessions of an Inventor
The Man Who Married a Dream
A Field in Oregon
Here in Mississippi
The Witch’s House
Washed Ashore
Tribute to Red Skelton
Wearing a 1944 Movie
The Comedian
Something to Remember the Forest By
The Cattle Baron
Watching Esther Williams with my Daughter
Dante’s Grill
Fay Wray Island
The Witch’s Dog
The Magic Shop
Jesse James & Rimbaud
10 Feet off the Ground
Without Hamlet
The Wildlife on 32nd Street
Prince Charles
Watching the Whales
The Museum of Fluid Memory
The Dragonfly Junkyard
The Sweeper
The Caveman
It Helps to Know Someone
Haunting the House
Vincent Price and the Florist
In Defense of Mothra
The Five & Dime Robot
Under Your Spell
The Last Telegram

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