Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Words for Robert Huff

Here are some things other authors you may know
wrote about Robert Huff. And the beautiful cover

“What I find most striking and valuable about Robert
Huff’s new poems is the drama and immediacy of
their tone. Watch the complex way Huff makes beauty
 and goodness something to be angry about—and anger
something to laugh at—so that, at the end of all this
mixed emotion, beauty and goodness are more powerful
and vivid than they could ever have been if no one got
excited... about them. Huff’s dramatic monologues have
a force reminiscent of Shakespeare’s; like Shakespeare’s,
they are dense, intense, and urgent. These are vivid,
lively human voices which address us from a heart that
is vital and involved. The heart’s mood shifts, and shifts
 again, and gathers energy from every shift, so that those
brilliant Huff last lines have the force of bombs.”
—Annie Dillard, author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

“These late poems recover for us, and—each time I
read them—perform anew the complexity of my
belovéd first teacher. Brilliant, wounded, tough,
generous, determined to see clearly, that man and
these poems are necessary to my own sense of the
“moral to [our] quaint story. It is threefold: Happiness
is love. Love is taking care of what is. The world must
not be hateful.”
—Scott Cairns, author of Slow Pilgrim: The Collected

"The best of his poetry speaks to us, our time and
our situation, person by person. He makes poetry a
form of friendship and reminds us what it is to be
cherished in our ice age...He is what the good poet
is today, hard, honest, warm, hurt, with his teeth on
edge. More power to him."
—Karl Shapiro, author of V-Letter and Other Poems

"...the language exploding into articulation as if to say,
'And I only am escaped alone to tell thee.'"
—Anthony Hecht, author of The Hard Hours

"I like Robert Huff's verse. I find it fresh and vigorous
and human and it smells of the earth of America and its
vivid history."
—Sean O'Faolain, author of The Talking Trees

"When I first read a few poems by Robert Huff
I was startled by their bounce, their comedy, their
depth of feeling—by their general artistic authority."
—James Wright, author of The Branch Will Not Break

"The most underrated poet in America."
—James Whitehead, author of Near at Hand

"He has the sinew, sound effects, and rhythm of a real poet."
—Robert Lowell, author of Life Studies

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