Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Good Deed Rain progress

There are a bunch of new Good Deed Rain
books planned for publication in the next few
months. You're going to like them! Here's a
couple teasers. Another book featuring the
illustration talents of Aaron Gunderson,
which features cowboys, pirate radio, a
gorilla, dreams and more. And the other
picture is from the second novel I wrote
back on the East Coast in college. I'm
excited to share this one finally. Set in
New York City, it also includes the
journal that I kept when I lived there.
I only recently rediscovered this--I utterly
forgot that I kept a journal during my stay
and it is quite fun to see how the fiction of
the book is mirrored by the daily goings on,
the subway observations, jobs, and blunders.
So plenty of good reading on the way for you!

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