Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The is the 2nd Good Deed Rain book 
with publishing date August 12th. 
(It was a superhuman effort to get 2 books 
published the same month! My thanks to 
Fred and Aaron.) THE ROBOTIC AGE is 
quite an adventure. I don't want to give too 
much away, but it's about a magician and 
his robot companion who spend the book 
tracking down 3 ghosts from a ship that 
sunk off Alaska. Mystery, comedy, and 
magic. It's fully illustrated throughout by 
artist Aaron Gunderson. Aaron's work is 
also seen in The Book of Ticks and 
A Hundred Dreams Ago. This is the 
summer drive-in movie blockbuster 
you've been waiting for! You'll love it! 
Stay tuned

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