Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Lake Walker

Here are the covers for my new book,
THE LAKE WALKER. It will be available
to order on May 12. This is from the intro:


Back in high school, I would go the Neptune Theatre
very week. Driving the floating bridge over Lake
Washington or going Lake City Way, looking for
parking, sometimes under a leafy tree, sometimes on
the slant by the IHOP. The Neptune had a green neon
sign that floated out front. Inside, you bought your
ticket from a boat shaped counter and then you could
go up to the balcony. That's where I met Fellini,
Bergman, Cocteau, and I wanted this adventure to
be an homage to them, a sort of European black and
white movie book.

The idea began during a hellish summer when forest
fires turned our air into a white smog and the sun
was dim as an orange penny. A Martian world, it was
hard to even breathe out there. But by September it
started to clear and I began to take walks around the
lake. I still had a couple weeks away from my office
job and I liked to think this would be my morning
routine when I finally retire. I would begin every
day with a walk around the lake.

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