Monday, June 15, 2015

1993 dream

I'm putting together stories for my next publication.
Here's an old one, from my magazine PIE IN THE SKY #53:


In big wooden cages, the lions floated ashore. They broke out of the surf onto the sand, angry and looking for food. Their roars carried all the way from the sea up to the town. We turned from the cliff where we were watching. I held her hand tightly and we ran to look for shelter. The houses were all locked and boarded up except for one and we hurried towards the open door. Maybe we could hide down in the basement where the lions could scratch but couldn’t get in? We ran up the path, almost safe, when suddenly a family of Mexicans pushing a piano and moving out boxes and furniture blocked the doorway. They couldn’t understand our warnings, our hysterical shouting and pointing at the ocean.

10:55 A.M.
August 12, 1993

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