Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Plumbing Follies continues...
That kitchen sink, the bane of my life,
tried once again to lure a plumber.
I even called one, but just as I was
digging deep into my wallet
Eric called and offered to help:
Going under my house has become
a second home to us, all those tree
roots biting into your knees as you 
shuffle in the dark among the pools 
of leaked swamp water and there was 
the culprit...the dripping water pipe.
Of course the pipe was rusted tight
and I got the pleasure of using Eric's 
reciprocal saw or The Widow Maker
as it's more commonly known. 

Fortunately, the operation was a success
we installed a new eight foot section of pipe
and got out alive. I'm very thankful to Eric
for his help and in his honor, here's
the drawing of his alley that appears in
SAINT LEMONADE on page 38:

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