Monday, December 16, 2013

my foolish heart movie

I finished rereading J. D Salinger's NINE STORIES 
a book I've forgotten how much I enjoyed. 
Today I watched the 1949 movie, MY FOOLISH HEART
from the story J.D Salinger wrote titled  
Trading rain for snow, after only fifteen minutes, the film 
suddenly veers away, off script. At first (knowing the author's 
furor) I didn't like it either and I even stopped the VCR 
and left it for a while. But soon I was back and watching 
again. Now, I've watched plenty of movies from that time 
and I love them though I understand how Salinger would 
have flown from the theater. Isn't that how Hollywood goes? 
From the words of Salinger's story, his characters have taken 
their own separate life on film. The movie is a bubble 
with Walt and Eloise that you know isn't going to last. 
"Poor Uncle Wiggly," he kisses her and goes off 
to war. 

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