Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lord Buckley's Eyes

I wrote Michael Monteleone care of that I was making
a Lord Buckley puppet, but I didn’t know
what color the eyes should be. All the photos
I’ve seen of Buckley are black and white.
Michael soon replied, “I do not know the color of
His Lordship's eyes. It is a great question
that just never came up before. I have put out
an inquiry with a couple of people that
I know that knew Lord Buckley.
I will let you know what they say.” In the meantime,
over the Labor Day weekend, I constructed
the puppet. As I was painting him, I just had
a feeling his eyes were brown, so that’s
the color they became. Then, on September 5th
in the Wilson Library, Lord Buckley
performed ‘Satellite Blip Flip’ to a stunned audience.
Michael wrote and told me, “I think your performance
sounds like it was right in keeping with a number
of His Lordship's own presentations. I think
he stunned as many people as he inspired.”
He continued, “I talked with a very reliable
source and he said definitely brown eyes.”
Although he admitted the person he spoke to
met Lord Buckley in 1960 and had a keen
memory of his eyes, Michael later received
a phone call from a performer who shared
the stage with his Lordship in 1957,
and remembers him having blue eyes.
So for the time being, Lord Buckley’s eyes
remain a mystery.

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