Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Air Travel: 9

Chapter 62

Waking up was rough.

As soon as the night began to fade

into dawn, the sea parrot’s voice

would turn on like an alarm.

Chapter 63

“Albert…Mister Roselli…” He could

hear his name being thrown at him.

He was a floor away but it didn’t matter.

Chapter 64

He opened his eyes. The day was

a dull colored clay. He had to get up.

Chapter 65

Yes, he thought of draping a cloth

over the fish tank, the way people do

with their canaries at night,

but the sea parrot wouldn’t allow it.

It wanted natural light. It was an

early bird.

Chapter 66

And as long as it stayed in his house,

slowly mending, Albert couldn’t go fishing.

He had to take another job to make ends

meet. He made origami. He got paid

by the swan.

Chapter 67

Albert had been making them for years.

It wasn’t difficult work. He could make them

in his sleep. And it paid. Believe it or not,

there was always a demand.

Chapter 68

So he was lucky to have this job.

After all, there couldn’t be too many

people making an origami living.

Chapter 69

After he fed the sea parrot, Albert sat down

in the rocking chair. He pulled the blanket

over his legs and closed his eyes. Sometimes

the fish let him sleep for a while. Listen to

the popping sound of the fish eating and

the creaking of the slow rocking chair

levitated in the middle of a dark early morning.

Chapter 70

While he was half awake, Albert also heard

the movement of something else. It was

prickly, like a ball of newspaper blown

gently across the floor.

to be continued...

(Photo of fake origami taken today

in woods where this novel ended.

The leaf below is also from there.)

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