Monday, November 14, 2011

Air Travel: 7


Chapter 48

About a year ago he went to

The Invisible City. It wasn’t much

to look at, you might not know

it was there.

Chapter 49

From his boat in the air

it was trees and gardens

planted in lines and squares

with patches of dirt where

buildings were. Streets were

scratched into the soil.

Chapter 50

When he lingered over

a baseball diamond, the ball

hit his boat.

Chapter 51

You could hear things happening.

Maybe that was a better name for it,

The City of Sound.

Chapter 52

He went there for bargains,

things he couldn’t afford back home.

They had a different rate of exchange.

Chapter 53

Strange that he never tried fishing

in their lakes, rivers or streams.

Then again, what would he do

with an invisible fish?

to be continued...

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