Thursday, November 17, 2011

Air Travel: 10

Chapter 71

He had been aware of this sound in the house,

a sound without a visible source, he could only

assume it was a ghost. His invisible house

was haunted.

Chapter 72

After sharing the house with Albert for

weeks (relaxing like a television image

in a pool of clear sea water that Albert replaced

twice a day, with gourmet minced kelp to eat)

it took this quiet October morning for the fish

to finally notice the ghost too.

Chapter 73


He opened his eyes.

“What’s that noise?”

Albert sat and listened to the ghost

turning pages.

Chapter 74

“There’s a spook in your house!”

“Yes,” Albert told the fish. “I know.”

And then something miraculous

occurred. The fish chimed,

“I want out of here!”

Chapter 75

On the journey back to the sea,

the fish went on and on about it.

“That’s one thing we don’t have to

put up with in the ocean. If there’s

any ghosts, the tide takes care of them

and washes them away.”

Chapter 76

The October wind was picking up

and it was hard rowing but even

the cold blowing couldn’t drown out

that fish’s talking.

Chapter 77

Albert stopped in the same place

that used to be lucky for him,

the bed of brown kelp leaves.

Chapter 78

The sea parrot was back in the bucket

waving its fins. It took its own little white

cast off—that’s how much a hurry it was in.

Albert lifted the bucket by rope and began

to lower it hand over hand.

Chapter 79

The sea parrot was going in reverse,

taking the exact opposite journey

on a line back to the water, hopefully

for forever.

Chapter 80

He let the bucket sink into a wave,

he could see the fish flap out and

blur away into the murkiness, then

he pulled the fresh weight of water

back up again. It was heavy but to

Albert it felt so much lighter.

to be continued...

(Ghost with Fish picture by Rustle)

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