Saturday, November 12, 2011

Air Travel: 2

Chapter 8

When the land gave way to water

he rowed a little further over waves

then pulled in the oars.

Chapter 9

He looked over the edge to see

the spot where the kelp fanned out.

Motoring in and out of there

like birds in trees were salmon.

Chapter 10

Sooner or later one of them would see

the silver spark of light in the water

not knowing it was a sharp hook

connected to a line traveling up

forty feet into the sky.

Chapter 11

He watched his reflection

that other him leaning over

in an upside down boat

fishing at the sky.

Connected by the same line

he was fishing for himself.

Chapter 12

Then the line twitched.

His reflection caught something

in the deep blue sky.

to be continued...

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