Saturday, November 12, 2011

Air Travel: 3

Chapter 13

He caught a mackerel.

It was like a bar of silver

with green and black stripes.

He pulled it twenty feet

from the water to the boat.

Chapter 14

“Oh great…” the fish said to him.

Chapter 15

This part was never easy.

Since animals started talking

everything had changed.

Chapter 16

He took the hook out,

telling the fish, “Look…

I hate to do this to you…”

“Sure you do,” the fish said.

You hate it. How do you

think I feel?”

Chapter 17

The fish was in a bucket

with seaweed packed around.

He griped for a while, until

it became hard to breathe.

Chapter 18

About five minutes later

the man caught something else.

It looked like a handkerchief.

A flapping striped yellow and black

umbrella reeled towards him.

Chapter 19

He knew what it was.

Anyone who fished these waters

day after day, once in a while

caught a sea parrot.

to be continued...

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