Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Air Travel: 8

Chapter 54

Anyway, a year ago or so

he bought a house there

and towed it back to the yard

where he parked his boat.

Chapter 55

Back then, when the house

settled down, crushing a big square

into the grass, he was a little worried.

Chapter 56

With a ladder, he went all around

the invisible corners of it, wrapping it

with a rope. It did look weird to see

a lasso in the air holding nothing.

Chapter 57

Then he hung flags, clothes and rags

so nobody would run into the house.

That also gave the house a sound,

when there was wind.

Chapter 58

He didn’t have to worry about

animals running into the house.

They seemed to know it was there.

Chapter 59

Birds would fly around it,

bees would veer on their paths

to flowers.

Chapter 60

For him, there were some things

to get used to—knowing the rooms,

doorways and invisible stairs…

Chapter 61

Sleeping was easy though.

High off the ground, being in bed

it was just like floating along in his boat.

to be continued...

(House pictures by Rustle)

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