Saturday, November 12, 2011

Air Travel: 4

Chapter 20

Sea parrots wouldn’t try

for hooks. It was bad luck that

caught it and bad luck for those

who caught them.

Chapter 21

Talk about talk!

It was like a radio

on the end of a hook.

Chapter 22

Back in the old day

before animals could talk

it was easy to kill a fish.

Just hit it with a stick.

Chapter 23

Now you had to listen

to their sad life story

some of them could really

lay it on thick. Still, if he

let them all go, he wouldn’t eat.

It was a predicament.

Chapter 24

He contemplated cutting the line

letting the sea parrot go free.

But even that could bring trouble.

Word got around.

Chapter 25

A sea parrot could carry a grudge,

track you down in the shallows

bringing along some friends

to get you back. Being a fisherman

meant accepting certain risks.

Chapter 26

The sea parrot didn’t waste any time.

The man knew it wouldn’t.

The moment he got it aboard,

the fish wagged its fin, showing him

the hook pinned to it.

Chapter 27

“Do you have any idea how this feels!”

The man sighed. He didn’t want that fish.

Anyway, they weren’t good eating.

They were all mouth.

Chapter 28

Some people kept them for companions.

Maybe he could try selling it in town.

He had seen them in jars and pans

playing the water like calliopes.

Chapter 29

He didn’t want to start a conversation,

he lay the fish on the bench and

kept it flat and took hold of the hook.

to be continued...

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