Sunday, November 13, 2011

Air Travel: 6

Chapter 36

“Okay!” the man said. “I’ll take you

back to my house and repair your

broken fin.” He lifted the sea parrot

and put it into the bucket, pulling

some seaweed over to protect it

from the overcast light of day.

Chapter 37

“Wait a minute!” the fish brayed.

“Someone’s already in here!”

Chapter 38

“Oh yeah…I forgot,” the man said.

The mackerel gave a cough and rasped,

“Don’t mind me, I’m just a forgotten fish,

left in here to die…”

Chapter 39

The sea parrot leaned out of the bucket

and shrieked at the man, “What is the

matter with you? You’ve got to get this

poor fellow back in water right away!”

Chapter 40

It was no surprise really

all the fish noise had attracted

a seagull. It landed on the bow

on the little triangle of wood.

It blinked yellow eyes,

dipped its smooth white head

towards the bucket.

Chapter 41

“That was supposed to be my lunch,”

said the man. The sea parrot choked,

“Lunch!?!” sweeping the weeds clear

from the wilting mackerel, “This fellow

probably has a family to support.”

Chapter 42

“I do,” the mackerel wheezed.

“Oh come on…” the man said.

The sea parrot wagged a fin at him,

“Imagine not being able to see your

loved ones because some barbarian

fed you a steel hook. It’s criminal!”

Chapter 43

“Don’t I know it,” sobbed the mackerel.

He gave a feeble twitch. The sea parrot

commanded, “Go on, return him!”

Chapter 44

As the mackerel flipped and glittered

through the air, the seagull yelled

and dove after the splash.

Chapter 45

“There goes my lunch,” said the man.

The sea parrot shrugged. He was

philosophical about it.

Chapter 46

There wasn’t much point lingering

in the air. The man knew it.

He stowed his fishing rod and

pushed the oars out to row

the way he had come.

Chapter 47

The water waved goodbye.

The town was awake by now,

little fires smoked out chimneys.

A dog barked up at him. He was

coming back with a broken fish.

to be continued...


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