Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the golden age of publishing

I finished reading Tom Robbins’ Tibetan Peach Pie. 
Both he and Kurt Vonnegut mention their gratitude 
to the Golden Age of Publishing when you could 
actually make a living with your writing. (Nowadays 
most journals and contests charge the author to submit 
their work.) Of course I still cling to that Golden Age 
dream of the paid author but that hope is vanishing. 
These are different days. An especially great change 
that has occurred very recently is the ability for the 
author to self-publish. Now I have my own press, 
Good Deed Rain, and I plan to print all those 
long-waiting novels and stories of mine. (Coming up 
next is a collection of 5 novels.) And it’s possible to 
print on demand so I’m not swimming in boxes of 
unsold books. It’s really a wonderful development, 
a new golden age of publishing that I’ve been waiting 
for years to happen—I’m not making a living writing 
but I can see my books published. 

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