Tuesday, May 17, 2022

5 year old Planet

Here's another book from 5 years ago, DIFFERENT PLANET with the beautiful cover by artist Laura Vasyutynska. She's done a half dozen amazing covers for Good Deed Rain (and another one is in the works!). This book is a collection of 4 sort of science fiction/fantasy novels: The Next President (about the US president being reincarnated as an eel on Mars), The Schubert Story (about a man with a clone who meets a talking dog who sounds like Katherine Hepburn), Convenience (about life in a general store on a platform in outer space), and The Moss Temple (about a man who cleans moss off roofs during wartime). This is another wonder that was never seen by anyone, but you can still find a copy on Amazon. I sure enjoyed it, and I'm sure the future will discover it.

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