Monday, October 21, 2019


2 new books from Good Deed Rain
will be published November 2.
(Available from Amazon, or me).
Here's the cover (beautiful photo of
Salish Sea by local art student Joel Aparicio)
for my novel ISLAND AIR, featuring our hero
Vatican Jones, who builds a big wooden box
using haiku dimensions 5x7x5 feet, in hopes of
sailing it out to the islands. Alas, things go amiss
when a television crew arrives by train in town
to film a detective show and he becomes a suspect.
Takes place during 1992 and 1942 in Bellingham,
featuring cafes and libraries, streetsingers and
wind creatures. I've been working on this for a
year and I think you'll love it. A perfect winter

"He wondered what Philip Marlowe would do…
stuck behind a painted line in an alley full of rain…
a lost book of Japanese poetry…and a fifty year
old spoon in his coat pocket."

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