Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Clyde Sanborn book

Good day to all. Sorry I've been remiss on updates. 
This summer I've been very busy working on several 
Good Deed Rain publications. (Paul Piper's poetry book, 
a big collection of my detective stories) and also working 
on a tribute book for poet/artist Clyde Sanborn. 
He lived along Skagit River and his story is quite amazing. 
I've been interviewing and collecting stories and treasures 
from his friends. This book is just as exciting as publishing 
Robert Sund's tribute "A Flutter of Birds Passing Through 
Heaven." This is one of Clyde's paintings:



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  2. Wow. Paul Piper, Clyde Sanborn more artists from out there who I must know. And I will be ordering the Robert Sund book as soon as possible. This barrage of books coming from Good Deed Rain is such an inspiration. The warehouse locker full of projects in limbo that I retain is now being pushed out into the sunlight, so much fueled by the work you are doing with Good Deed Rain!