Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Finally, here's an Index to

the Stories, Essays and Books

appearing on this blog:

The 500 Pound Halo (September 2009)

Air Travel (November 2011)

Animals, Ghosts and Outer Space (February 2011)

Bathysphere Battle (September 2010)

Billie Ritchie in Haunting Birds (January 2010)

Bird Taxi (June 2009)

Burt Ives in Televisions All Over the World (July 2009)

Champion Dreamers of the World (July 2009)

Chan & Callahan (July 2011)

The Charts of the Sea (September 2009)

Clinton Street to Galveston (September 2009)

Crayon Fable (September 2011)

d.a levy in A Certain Strange Memory (February 2011)

Duck McGee Makes the Team (September 2011)

The End of Beryllium (July 2009)

Euphonium (May 2011)

Fly with Umbrella (July 2009)

Fred Again (January 2012)

The Flying Machine of Mr. Green (October 2009)

Ghoststores (November 2011)

Good Deed Rain (June 2009)

The Heaven Antenna (March-April 2011)

A House on Mars (September 2011)

In the Summer Air (June 2009)

Jack Kerouac and Film Noir (October 2009)

The Jellyfish Movie (March 2012)

The Jimbaroo (July 2010)

The Journal of the Mermaid

Translation (December 2010)

The Journal of the Mermaid

Translation #2 (December 2010)

King Leopold’s Slow Leak (June 2009)

The Last Ohio Morning (May 2009)

Mental Magic (December 2011)

Motor Car Dealer Will Travel

By Balloon (October 2009)

Mr. Evans (September 2011)

The New Book of Endangered Birds (May 2009)

Ohio Time (June 2009)

One Eye Open (July 2009)

The Other Laugh (October 2009)

A Paper Cup (September 2009)

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Piranha (June 2009)

Paying For Water (June 2009)

Poems in Zoos (October 2009)

Populist Poem #7 (July 2009)

Radio (September 2009)

A Reversed Cat (November 2010)

Royalty Toy Company (June 2009)

Sacred Heart Junkyard (June 2009)

Seacow (July 2009)

Seashells and Love Poems (February 2010)

A Shark Cage Smith Adventure (September 2009)

The Shrinkers (October 2009)

Signals (August-September 2011)

Silent Machines in 9 Sizes (September 2009)

Sinking Celestial (February 2010)

Snotty Kid (May 2011)

Speaking of Richard Brautigan (January 2012)

Stick Chart of the Marshall Islands (December 2011)

The Stowaway (July 2009)

Such & Such #1 (September 2009)

Such & Such #2 (October 2009)

The Three Hearted Saint (January 2012)

Time After Time (June 2009)

The Time Has Come to Make All

the Machines Fly (September 2009)

Tree Frog (June 2009)

Trees in the Asylum Garden (February 2012)

Trelawny Cable Car (July 2009)

The W. Lee Wilder From Space (January 2010)

Water Everywhere (June 2009)

Water Ladder (October 2009)

A Week of Rain (March 2012)

With the Utmost Kindness and Calm (August 2009)

The Yellow Tree (November 2010)

You are 7 Love Poems, or

How to Build a Birdhouse Out of

Love Poems (February 2010)

Your Favorite World (June 2009)

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