Thursday, September 8, 2011

signals, pt. 3

The Vacant Lot

Water and Sand

On Cleveland Road

Walker Road Fawn

Fox Subway

The Cricket Tide

Tibet Repair Kit

Lummi Transit

Giant Eagle

The Tar Baby

Imaginary Letter…

Cleveland Sand Castle

A Factory Cloud

The Vacant Lot

For as long as I’ve known it

filled with unmown grass and wild flowers

by now I guess you could call it a park

Water and Sand

Back when this land was all green running

to the lake, they stayed in old railroad cars

overnight. The scout master told them to be

on the lookout for bootleggers and they were,

following their flashlights to the sound of the shore.

Just like in the movies and comic strips

they saw a blink on the dark water

echoed by one on the land

and they watched as the boat came in.

A truck was waiting and men opened the flaps.

The boy scouts ran back through the trees

with their flashlights off and the branches

scratching their knees. They got to a phone,

they called the police, and it was just like

a show on the radio. But the police took their time

and when they got to the lake, there was nothing

only water and sand.

On Cleveland Road

Houses grow


the rusted barn

Walker Road Fawn

Hidden behind a tree

our son could see

the white spots

Fox Subway

I hoped for a chance to see the fox.

Sometimes he appears running along

the narrow treed edge between

their yard and next door.

The neighborhood is linked

by a chain of thin green paths

a fox will follow. They must learn

these routes like subways…

go right at the beechnut,

quick past the pool…

Even now, at 2 A.M,

I might happen to hear

a rush of wind and see

the low orange blur go by.

The Cricket Tide

At night

it returns

and we swim

in the sound


made heavy

we get sleepy

and drown

Tibet Repair Kit

I’m sure there must be a way

to change bad dreams when they happen,

if someone gets hurt or something monstrous

occurs. Stopping the plot, redirecting the way

the movie goes…It probably takes a lifetime

to master, resulting in the discovery that

the same methods can also be applied

in the waking world and life really is

only another dream.

Lummi Transit

It’s a long way from the morning bike ride

to work. Usually I’ll be looking at gardens,

watching for glass in the road, knowing

I need air in the back tire and sometimes,

it can’t be predicted, the white van from

the Lummi tribe will appear.

Now I’m one week later, thinking of

that bus in this place, with a lot of land

in between.

Giant Eagle

Outside Giant Eagle

the parking lot is falling rain.

We stop next to a canoe.

It’s one of those Ohio

flash downpours.

By the time we get

the car doors open,

the rain is done.

We step on lily pads

floating above the tar,

the perch and carp

and silver grocery carts


The Tar Baby

It’s so hot in Ohio today

the tar on the street

melted into a man.

Just looking at him

I feel the same way.

All I want to do is

lay down.

Turned soft

by the heat

not awake

not asleep

unable to move

an arm held out

for a helping hand.

Imaginary Letter to

The Sandusky Register

It’s been a couple years since

I’ve returned for a summer visit

and I must voice my alarm.

Two of my favorite Ohio attractions

appear to be virtually gone.

Where’s the sound of all the birds

that used to wake me in the morning

and where are the fireflies at night?

I think it may be a result of something

you’re probably aware of already,

the chemical poisoning of lawns

and farmlands. Of course we know

the impact this has on ecology,

the food chain, our health.

Nobody really wants to talk

about it, but I have noticed it,

thanks for listening and I wish you

Good Morning, Ohio and Good Night.

Cleveland Sand Castle

Towers and bridges

roads running through

down to the smallest details

abandoned buildings

filled with sand

everything built that way

A Factory Cloud

The heron left tracks

stamped into the sand

with iron precision

Where they stop

look up for

a factory cloud

signals photos and writing:
allen frost, August 2011
hopefully this will be a paper book soon

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