Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Been busy lately working on
a Charlie Chan essay, will soon be posting
and a big manuscript of poetry covering
years 2007-2011. Here's a sneak peek:

Directions Folded to a Bird’s Wing

Walk down the steep hill, on a sidewalk

split by the roots of trees arching overhead.

Turn the corner to the left and then

you can hear the birds. It’s an aviary attached

to a house like a screened porch that’s trying

to bring the sky down and cage it in a space

only ten feet by ten. I’ve seen this through all

the seasons. In the gray wet Seattle winter

it’s covered by plastic so the cold can’t get in.

Rather than that, I’ll remember it as summer

when those African finches are singing their

hearts out and the sparrows and even the crows

will come to the bent wire corners to listen.

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